First & Foremost… The French 75

Although wines are known to not play nicely when it comes to mixing drinks… a French 75 is the most delicious exception.

Gin, lemon and sugar transform sparkling wine into a liquid so divine, you’ll find yourself wishing the champagne bottle was filled with it in the first place.

For us the French 75 has been at the centre of many wonderful moments, from housewarmings to wedding celebrations it has never failed to please.

Whether served in a champagne flute or martini glass, the French 75 is a picture of sophistication. We like to rim to our glasses with a lemon infused sugar so that the last sip is always as gloriously refreshing as the first!

But do not be deceived by its elegant exterior; thanks to its generous measure of gin to fizz, the French 75 is as deadly as its namesake the 75mm Howitser field gun. The ‘Soixante-Quinze’ was one of the most lethal weapons of the 19th century, used by the French in WW1 to fire toxic gas shells into enemy trenches. It is rumoured that Harry MacElhone, the bartender credited for the French 75s invention, named it so after experiencing the French weapons first-hand.

But don’t just take our word for it's deliciousness, come and try it!


45ml Gin (Choose Malfy for the ultimate lemon hit!)

15ml lemon juice

7.5ml sugar syrup

Shake over ice, and top up with Prosecco/Champagne

If you'd like a French 75 at your next event, then please do get in touch!


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