Gin or Joe was born out of our (Dominique and Joe's) love of three things… falling off horses, a stiff G&T and sobering cup of Joe!

Over just a few months we lovingly transformed a 1960s Rice horsebox, identical to the one Dominique had used for her podgy childhood pony Fly, into a fully stocked horsebox bar.

From our Oxfordshire base, we use our favourite (tried and tested!) local products to create sustainable, seasonal and memorable menus for your event.

Honey, I shrunk the kids bought a horsebox


Have you ever been to an event and paid for a dishwater coffee or had a G&T which would be better suited to paint stripping? It’s a crime being repeated at horsey events, country fairs and weddings alike! Getting a drink that is exactly what you fancy often seems to be a tricky and something I had totally forgotten when introducing my non-horsey boyfriend (Joe) to that side of my life.


Having had horses from an early age I had forgotten that some people don’t do mornings… and that a 4am start to go eventing 3 hours away could be viewed as absurd. I had also become well-adjusted to not being able to get a decent drink at a competition; with a coffee driven pony club mother I learnt early on to survive on a flask of prepared at home coffee!


After a more than a season as a self-titled “full time stable boy”, Joe had developed a system for ranking competition venues based on his observations and the beverage options. Over dinner with his parents one evening after a competition, Joe was relaying the days amusing anecdotes, describing how many sausage dogs in coats he’d seen and the best things he’d heard over the commentary.



Whilst sipping a perfectly mixed G&T I thought about how much we could have done with one earlier in the day. This thought created a gin fuelled dinner table discussion leading to me booking a trailer viewing and buying it the very next day!

With a background in marketing and events, the decision to create a business which brings together my biggest passions was a no brainer -  and so Gin or Joe was formed!

Take a look at the Blackboard to see where we are next and what we’ve been busy creating!




As a part time eventer and full time Gin and Coffee connoisseur, Dominique brings the vision as well as the drinks to the event!  Dominique is passionate about creating unforgettable moments for you!

Fuelled by coffee, Joe is "the machine" managing all things numbers and technical as well as being stable boy on the side!


Ginger beginnings
Ginger beginnings

Fly is the podgy pony who gave Dominique her taste for jumping even if it did involve some mud tasting! Fly is remembered most for stealing ice lollies (including eating the stick!) and loving blowing bubbles in water when apple bobbing.

Wonky Wallace
Wonky Wallace

Although the perfect patient when not being the most injury prone horse in the world, Wallace enjoys eventing and flicking his toes in the dressage arena.

Bog Pony
Bog Pony

Our leading man and family favourite Finnegan steals the hearts and whatever else he can nibble from everyone he meets. He is the ultimate Pony Club pony that was never outgrown and can still be seen having fun (bucking) eventing with Dominique! Badminton 2018 here we come!